Double Braided Polyester Ropes

To achieve optimum performance with your portable winch you need the Portable Winch Co. ropes.  

Portable Winch Co. ropes are double braided polyester ropes (DBP), creating two main characteristics. The double-braided construction makes the rope more durable and therefore more reliable for all project uses. The second feature is the low stretch in the rope to ensure a premium level of safety.

Due to its resistance to abrasion, it is the top pick to use with our capstan winches, as they are subject to intense heat and friction.

To Know

Please note when using the Portable Winch Co. rope for the first time, it is important to lay out ahead of time and use a minimal pull for about an hour so that the fibers can set into place during the extension to ensure its full potential.

Once the fibers are settled (after first use) the average elongation of the rope is approximatively 15% until breaking point.

The Benefits of spliced ropes with galvanized steel thimbles

           They add further protection to wear by the carabiners, hooks, and shackles.

           A splice virtually maintains a 100% of the rope’s capacity; a good bowline knot will reduce its               capacity by 30%.

          Splices on both ends allow for a rotation of use.

          Splices are highly recommended for lifting operations.


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