A historic Honda engine

The GX Series are among the strongest, easiest to start and most reliable engines on the market.

Honda GX engines have been on the market for decades. They are constantly improved over time to be at the forefront of power and optimization: they are increasingly powerful and reliable over the years. They are also becoming less and less polluting.

This is why Portable Winch Co. selected Honda as a partner to build the most reliable portable hoist in the industrial sector.


OHV Technology for Over Head Valve

In an overhead valve (OHV) engine, the valves are located above the combustion chamber in the cylinder head. This allows for a more uniform flow of fuel into the chamber, unlike inline valve engines, where the valves are located inside the cylinder.

The OHV design provides good thermal balance, and the extra power and efficiency allows for a higher compression ratio. The higher combustion efficiency also helps prevent carbon build-up in the engine, improve engine life, reduce oil consumption, lower emissions and reduce cylinder distortion.

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